Entering Canada

Needles to say that our trip to Canada was one of the most emotional moments in my life. Before the actual move I was busy packing our stuff, working, cleaning our apartment and simply preparing for the trip, so I didn’t deal with my feelings at all.
On the day of our arrival I still can remember thoughts in my head saying “Do you know what are you doing? This is not just another holiday, you won’t return home in 2 weeks, is that what you really want?”
It made me so sad leaving my friends and family, I felt like I was hurting them and myself and for what?


Our flight to Canada was accompanied with abundance of my tears (lol, my poor man), I was like a little child. Some people would be excited but I was acting as if I’d made a biggest mistake of my life. I was just scared and didn’t know what was ahead of me. Knowing what I know now, I’d simply smile and said “bring it on” 🙂

Despite all my fear and persistence I knew in my heart that was the right choice. I’d always wanted to experience living in another country.
To make my story short, when we entered Ottawa airport and met with officer on the border, we were greeted with the best welcome ever, accompanied with full of jokes and a pleasant feeling in our hearts that everything will be just fine.