Why Canada and why Ottawa?

That is a very good question since Canada is known as a very cold country (if that doesn’t bother you, great!) In fact, since its “being cold” reputation we didn’t bring our swimming suits and were surprised on how hot and sunny summer was.

We wanted an experience of living abroad. We’d lived in Europe for our entire lives, so I guess a country on the other side of an ocean sounded more appealing. That’s how Canada came into our plan. No big deal, no excitement, just a feeling deep inside that we had to make that step.


We didn’t know much about Canada except for the basics … people are friendly, everybody loves hockey, it is cold, plenty of water everywhere … well, here are some interesting FACTS

To be honest, we really like people here for they are friendly, helpful and humble in a good way 🙂 As for the environment, Canada is a beautiful country, full of woods, which we both like. The only and the biggest downside is cold, as I’ve already mentioned.

As for choosing a city we chose Ottawa for its size (not huge), it’s quiet, it has a LOT of green areas, water (ok, that was easy :), museums and it sounded nice (seriously). Later we discovered that it also has a lot of IT companies (for my man) and it is relatively close to big cities like Montreal and Toronto.


Which city should one choose?
Just go with what you like … nature /urban, quiet /active, cold / cold (no options here, sorry :). Majority of people migrate to Toronto because there are supposed to be more job opportunities or Vancouver for its mildest climate, but choose the one that resonates with you the most. Because YOU are the one who is going 😉 No secret formula here.

I’ll write more about how we find a place to stay, jobs and how we blended with the environment (we’ll at least that is what we think :)) in my future posts. Please feel free to drop me a question anytime!


Author: Barchi

soul illustrations inspiring, empowering and connecting people

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