Working holiday visa for Canada … and the beginning of my story

I just can’t believe it has already been 5 months since we’ve moved to Canada. I still remember thinking, before leaving Slovenia “where are we going to be in 3 month time”, for we had absolutely NO clue.
We left our jobs, sold our car & motorbike, packed our bags, moved out of the apartment, we were renting at that time and just hoped we would survive or more – have fun. 🙂

I’ve decided to share my experiences in order to make your journey easier or just to make you laugh at my crazy (at least I see it that way) life – whatever you prefer.


PROCEDURE to obtain a W/H visa
I tend not to go into details about the procedure on how to get a working/holiday visa for Canada but since this is my first post (on this matter), my advice is to follow this link:
When the spots are open you have to move fast (at least this is true for my country since we get only 100 working holiday visas per year). Later on have all the necessary documents prepared and you’ll be fine … 😉

Don’t forget to arrange health insurance for the entire length of your stay, take sufficient amount of money and (until recently obliged) purchase a return ticket home. 🙂

In our case everything went faster as we expected … overall procedure from day one until we got the acceptance letter was about 3 weeks in total. We were horrified 🙂 … so that was only the beginning … unknown here we come.


Author: Barchi

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